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Classroom Management Strategies: How to Speak, Get Attention, Deal with Disruption, and Increase Student Focus


You’ve got your lesson plans down. Now all you have to tackle is managing your classroom. Classroom management represents a galaxy of concerns, ranging from how to speak to your class to how to handle disruptions, and everything in between. There can be a dizzying array of considerations to juggle. But let’s start with a few […]


Adaptive Learning is the Future of Education. Here’s Why.


It’s no secret. Kids these days are growing up in the digital age, and they’re totally engrossed in the technology around them. They command computers like speaking a native language. Everywhere you go, they’re texting, Twittering, Snapchatting, and everything else under the sun. Their technological universe is mind-boggling. That said, doesn’t it make sense to […]