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  • How to Improve your Classroom Presence


    We’ve all had teachers who have inspired us and, sadly, some who haven’t. The best teachers have excellent classroom presence. Classroom presence is not about the lessons you present; instead, it’s about how your words and actions in the classroom make your students feel. Compassion, communication, and enthusiasm lie at the heart of good classroom […]

  • 7 Tech Tools to Enhance Parent-Teacher Interaction

    appletree app

    Effective parent-teacher communication is critical to student success. However, this aspect of classroom management can be a real challenge for many teachers. It can sometimes be a struggle to get parents involved at all, while “too much” involvement can generate lots of emails and phone calls for teachers to answer, adding to already heavy workloads. […]

  • 8 Simple Ways to Improve Communication with your Students


    “…effective communication requires more than an exchange of information. When done right, communication fosters understanding, strengthens relationships, improves teamwork and builds trust.” -Liz Papodopoulos, OCT Truer words have never been spoken, especially when it comes to classroom communication. We’ve all had that brilliant teacher who bored us to death. What caused the disconnect between their […]